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Cent ans et toutes ses dents

Le 28 mars 2014, un anniversaire prestigieux: le centenaire de la radio en Belgique.



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The White Armchair

Traduction automatique de "Le Fauteuil Blanc"

Chapter 00: Preamble

-. Good Morning "The White Armchair," a strange title, enigmatic as in your previous book. What can a armchair inspire for you?

- (Smiles) Little priori and so much so That white flesh contains a secret. If my novel is pure fiction and fictional characters, the names, the environment and the house in question, are less so. A house in the Charleroi area in Jumet . Purpose again, the roles That my characters are playing, do not correspond to the names nor real life. They are Mentioned for ease of writing my own and have been warned in this direction. Their situations-have nothing to do with my story. They Will laugh When They read it.

- This is a fiction or a kind of story?

- A fiction, due to my imagination, an extrapolation from a Few Words I Learned about this house Where I Was, and That made ​​me think about Creating a plausible scenario selon the venerable age of ict walls. A mansion, as we say, once inhabited by masters and servants. A House That Had to own history-have ict, ict secrets. Transformed, restored, It Will end up in another life, you purchased --other by owners.

- A historical novel, Then?

- A romance with a wealthy family and Its members Sometimes tear 'em. I will not dwell on the subject, Because When I answer you, I myself am not out of my writing. In fiction, a series of events to discover the past, the life of a mother Who has died of a hemorrhage Overwhelming That nobody knows the origin. That Youth latent memories come back to the bottom of everyone's memory.


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