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Donald's dream

0.PNGCe 20 janvier, était le jour de l'investiture aux États-Unispodcast.

Le lendemain, le procès en destitution de Donald Trump commençait aux États-Unis et, en même temps, le forum réunissant les grands de ce monde à Davos.

21 janvier, 03:00 du matin, dans une chambre d'hôtel grand luxe à Davos. Donald dort, ronfle, rêve en répétant son discours dans son subconscient.  5.PNG

Il arrive au paradis devant Saint Pierre, l'air combatif.

Donald: Who is the boss here. It's you?

Pierre: No, here the boss is God. I'm only his servant.

Donald: Today, on Earth, it's democratic matter to elect a president and my inauguration as president of the United State was in the pocket and I'm now here. I'm sure there is also an election for a new boss here and I'm the best one.

PierreThere is no election here. Everything is decided once and for all, it is perpetual. And you too are condemned here too to life in paradise.

1.PNGDonald: Unbelievable. Then it's a dictatorship in the sky. I doubt that everybody likes the cold. I want to make the sky great again. With me, from now on the sky will be blue first. Hot, like in Florida. I'll straighten your economy. Where can I tweet to repeat that I'm a candidate? I didn't ask to come here, but now as I'm, you'll hear about me and I need communication ways. I'm a regular in Davos. They are waiting for me in the conference and you avoid me to do so.
11.PNGPierreHere, we don't tweet. Our economy is based on tenderness. In paradise, you have to feed yourself with a particular task in a beautiful organization of sharing. We are working to keep it on top as you say. You should have stayed in hell. It has nothing to do with Brussels. There, you grill hot. You are a liar. We don't lie here. On Earth, you have a dismissal trial and you consider as a farce everything you don't like.

Donald: This impeachment thing is a joke or a witch hunt. It will give me even more votes. I would love to go there. It would be fantastic to sit in the front row to stare at their corrupt faces.

0.PNGPierre:You do not even imagine that it could have sent you to hell. You are a licensed psychopath, Donald.

Donald: Brussels, this hell hole, maybe? You say that because you think you have the truth. I tell the truth. You only rant and rave about fake news.

Pierre: There, you switch your religion. You amend yourselves to make yourself seen by your flock. Aren't you a little too difficult with your alter-egos and not enough with yourself?

Donald: Now it's not the time to be pessimistic with fear and doubt. It's about being optimistic and taking action. We must reject each prophet of doom and their apocalyptic predictions. I will not allow radical socialists to harm the sky's economy and not like these crazy's european countries.

Greta entre en scène.0.PNG

Greta: How dare you? Are you not shameful? On earth, our house is still on fire. I want you to panic even if my speech has no consequences. Listen to the scientists. Your inaction stirs up the flames hour by hour. Thanks to young people, the climate and the environment are a hot topic today, but in practice, nothing has been done. CO2 emissions have not decreased. So act like you love your children above all else..

10.PNGDonald: Pierre, you have to know, on Earth we have a funny world. When I talk about dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks, toilets, showers, they put water savers everywhere, ten times, fifteen times, but they don't talk about it. We are going to get rid of water savings to find a real challenge in the shower. My fans are loving as I am. You never did see my big meetings, when they applaud me. They are right to do so. To comfort their mind and their choice I applaud too. It's like a game where the congratulations are mixed with me. No, Pierre, all of them, they are not stupids. Don't believe it. My country is better now than when my predecessor left.

Pierre: I know, we could see it from here. You are a case in point that interested us a lot since you only have certainties by dividing to rule.

0.PNGDonaldIt is knowing how to camp on certainties to reduce that of others. Life is too short and I would like to replace death with an eternal life which will be able to resist me like a boss. I don't like wimps. I know perfectly how. I have my relationships in the cloud of social media and I love my customers.
Pierre: You are a shareholder seller and not a creator. You wrap your customers up and claim it in addition. You are mistaken about the floor. Go back down and learn to speak differently.

1.PNGDonald: I intended to do so for my second term but you prevented me. I'am now in front of you, I flew across the clouds and I don't know why. Now that I'm here, I want to make the sky more beautiful. I love the stars with no clouds. I have always looked at them to find the right path for my earthly policy.

Pierre comprenant qu'il ne pourra pas le raisonner, quitte Donald sans se retourner sur lui.

C'est alors qu'il rencontre Emmanuel.

0.PNGEmmanuel : J'ai écouté votre conversation avec Donald. Maintenant, je peux le dire entre nous: Donald, c'est un con. Vous avez raison, Pierre. Je lui ai dit de la fermer sur les réseaux sociaux et il m'a ri à la figure quand il a vu mes problèmes de réformes surprise pour nourrir les conjectures même si je n'assure pas mon avenir politique. Quand une demande de changement a clairement émergé au sein de notre société, je rectifie même si je ne suis pas aimé. Je suppose que votre patron fait la même chose.

 Pierre, lassé, fait un geste de dépit avec un haussement des épaules en pensant qu'ils sont tous cons les habitants sur Terre.

Il n'a plus envie de recommencer une autre conversation pour comparer les pouvoirs terrestres.

Ils sont tous cons. All idiotes.

Il commence à chanter..

1.PNGWe will all go to heaven even me.

 Whether blessed or cursed, we will go

All the good sisters and all the thieves

All the sheep and all the bandits

We will all go to paradise

We will all go to heaven, even me

Whether blessed or cursed, we will go

With the saints and the assassins

The women of the world and then the whores

We will all go to paradise

Don't believe what people say

Your heart is the only church

Leave your soul a little wave

Don't be afraid of the color of hell flames

We will all go to heaven, even me

Whether we believe in God or not, we will go ...

Whether we did good or bad

We will all be invited to the ball

We will all go to paradise ...

  C'est à ce moment que le réveil sonne et réveille Donald et voit les images de Paradise...





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